Once Khlaifa Haftar's sidekick, Defense Minister-designate of the UN-proposed government Mihdi Al-Barghathi, says Haftar bears the responsibility for the deterioration of security and kidnappings in Benghazi

The UN-proposed government’s Defense Ministry has posted an obituary to mourn, Ayyad Al-Sweih, who is one of the Brigade 204 Tanks fighters in Benghazi.

On Facebook, the ministry said that Al-Sweih was gunned down by armed groups after he was jailed for two days.

“The ministry will leave no stone unturned as it tries to stem the ongoing kidnaps, torture, assassinations, and violations against civilians in Benghazi.” The statement reads on Facebook.

The body of the fighter was found tossed on the road in area between Al-Marj city and Al-Abyar district with some torture marks on it, knowing that the Al-Sweih was shot in his lower back, while the fate of his companion, Michael Al-Jarari, is still unknown.

On Saturday, another Brigade 204 Tanks fighter, Haitham Al-Safrani, was found dead and thrown in a landfill in Al-Leethi with torture marks on his body as well.

Meanwhile, a security unit affiliated to Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi stormed into the house of one of the brigade’s fighters in Al-Kish on Saturday dawn and arrested him as well as it confiscated his car, let alone storming into the house of the Defense Minister-designate Mihdi Al-Barghathi’s son-in-law in Al-Salmani area.

Benghazi is now a battlefield for the security units that are all fighting for control of the security department. Some of the units are pro-Haftar and others are against him and both have taken the fight so far to the extent that they started using military vehicles and deploying fighters against one another.