The Labor Minister at the UN-proposed government, Ali Qalma, resigned on Friday and said the Presidential Council had been “absolutely abducted.”

Speaking on TV, Qalma said that his resignation is a moral and ethical commitment to the well-being of Libyans as he could pursue no longer seeing the ever-sliding security and living conditions in the country, adding, “it is unacceptable.”

Qalma explained that the PC failed to deal with the crises in the country and that it is had been suffering from obvious discord among its membership, pointing out that the budget of the financial preparations must be halted and only the budget of salary payments should remain in effect currently.

Qalma’s resignation, which is the second in weeks, after that of Al-Koni, casts doubt on the future of Al-Sirraj-chaired government as it is now after over one year of assuming office based on the agreement, struck in Skhirat, Morocco, under the auspices of the UN, but receiving little support by the conflicting Libyan factions.

The Salvation Government (SG) in Tripoli announced recently that it had retaken a number of government institution buildings, including the Ministry of Labor’s, before the UN-proposed government announced, through Qalma, retrieving the building on the following day.

However, to continue the Tom and Jerry scenario, the SG declared again last Thursday via the Prime Minister Khalifa Al-Ghweil’s photos inside the building that it had retaken the Labor Ministry again among other ministerial buildings.