Maltese authorities have revealed new details about the identity of the arrested former British military personnel who were prevented from using Maltese airspace to travel to Libya, led by Jack Mann, one of the closest friends of Prince Harry, amid fears that the individuals were private military contractors.

A Maltese police spokesperson told The Telegraph that on the instructions of the Sanctions Monitoring Board, which is the supervisory authority responsible for compliance with sanctions, the Maltese police have spoken to passengers to clarify the proposed activities in Libya.

The group, led by Mann, said that they were only visiting Libya to provide medical training, which is permitted under UN guidelines. A spokesman for Jack Mann confirmed that the United Nations had concluded after the investigation that the group’s activities would not violate the sanctions regime imposed on Libya.

According to Malta Today, Mann was leading a group of activists who had arrived separately in Malta and were scheduled to meet at Malta International Airport to catch a private flight to Libya.

Mann told Mail Online: “We did not continue the journey from Malta to Libya based on the advice of the Maltese immigration to rectify our papers before we travel, and the case was resolved within 5 days. The United Nations confirmed that there was no breach of sanctions."

The United Nations conducted an investigation and the Libyan hosts of Mann and his group provided more information confirming that they were visiting to provide medical training.