The UN Secretary General condemned Saturday "the continued escalation of violence in and around Libya’s capital and, in particular, the use by armed groups of indiscriminate shelling leading to the death and injury of civilians, including children."

A statement on UNSMIL's website cited the Secretary General, António Guterres, as reminding all Libyan parties that the indiscriminate use of force is a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law.

He urged also all parties to grant humanitarian relief for those in need, particularly those who are trapped by the fighting.

"The Secretary-General calls on all parties to immediately cease hostilities and abide by the ceasefire agreement brokered by the United Nations and the Reconciliation Committees." The statement remarked.

"His Special Representative Ghassan Salame will continue to offer good offices and work with all parties to reach a lasting political agreement acceptable to all to avoid further loss of lives and for the benefit of the people of Libya." The statement added.

Status quo in Tripoli

The seventh brigade announced Sunday that it had seized Krimiya district in southern Tripoli as well as the Naqliya camp plus some other areas on the Airport road. The seizure of the locations was assisted by Marsa Brigade led by Salah Badi - a senior leader in Libya Dawn (Fair Libya) operation of 2014.

Meanwhile, Salaheddine, Khalit Al-Furjan districts in Tripoli saw the fiercest clashes with both warring sides claiming seizing them to their benefit, yet reports say the attacking forces are closer to seizing those districts in their advance on more Tripoli areas.

Likewise, Wadi Al-Rabee and Tariq Al-Naher have also been the scene for violent clashes, with some reports from the Ministry of the Interior saying that looting acts by "outlaws" took place in Al-Madar Al-Jadeed Telecom Company and Libya Oil Company.

State of Emergency

The Presidential Council (PC) in Tripoli declared the state of emergency, warning the warring parties that tampering with the capital's security cannot pass unnoticed and unpunished.

"All parties should abide by the truce that has been agreed upon under the auspices of the UNSMIL." The PC said in a statement Sunday evening.

It remarked that given the current fighting and lack of security, the state of emergency is in effect in Tripoli and its suburbs to protect people's lives and properties and to keep state institutions in safety.

The PC also announced forming a committee to implement the security measures agreed upon in the Libyan Political Agreement, warning criminals against taking advantage of the current chaos, saying they would be brought to justice.