The UN Security Council added the name of the former chief of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) Ibrahim Salem Al-Jodhran to its growing list of international sanctions on Libya.

The council's sanctions committee approved Tuesday the inclusion of Al-Jodhran to the list of individuals and entities subject to the sanctions.

The sanctions include the freezing of assets and the travel ban provided for in paragraphs 15 and 17 of the Security Council resolution 1970 (2011) and paragraph 19 of resolution 1973 (2011), adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

Jodhran's name has been forwarded by the International Penal Committee for Libya to the Interpol to implement the travel ban.

In June, the council imposed sanctions on militia leaders involved in human and fuel smuggling, for engaging in illegal international activities.

In the same context, the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions on Ibrahim Al-Jodhran hours after his name was included on the list of sanctions of the UN Security Council. 

According to a press release issued by the US Department of Treasury, the sanctions would freeze any assets of Jodhran within the United States and prohibit any entities, institutions, individuals and public and private bodies in the US to deal with him.

The document also included an update on the sanctions imposed on the Maltese fuel smuggler Darren Debono currently detained in Italy and also listed on the US sanctions, referring to his ownership of a restaurant in Valletta, in reference to the possibility of some connection between the two men.

Debono was arrested in Malta earlier this year along with three other Maltese who were active in smuggling fuel from Libya, while the Special Deterrent Force arrested the head of the gang in Libya Fahmi Bin Khalifa.