Uneasy calm prevailed in Al-Zawiya after the clashes that broke out on Saturday evening had stopped, causing at least two deaths and more than ten injuries.

A source from Al-Zawiya said that a force from the Brigade 103 was able to separate the two sides of the clashes and stationed in the clashes area, after which the coastal road was reopened on both sides and living conditions returned to near normal, according to eyewitnesses.

Several colleges at Al-Zawia University announced the postponement of studies and exams on Sunday due to ongoing security tensions in the city.

The Red Crescent - Al-Zawiya Branch - appealed to the conflicting parties in the Harsha area to cease fire and open a safe corridor so that the families trapped in the area of clashes could be moved out.

The Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus also announced providing a route for the transportation of people from Al-Zawiya to Tripoli in cooperation with the Municipal Council, calling on visitors on the coastal road in Al-Zawiya to be cautious due to the tense security situation in the area.

Clashes broke out after two people belonging to what is known as the “First Support Force” of Al-Zawiya came under gunfire on the coastal road by an armed man belonging to an armed group affiliated with the Awlad Saqr tribe, one of the largest Al-Zawiya tribes. One of them was killed immediately, while the other died later in the hospital.

Sources added that bodyguards of the two dead men clashed with the shooter who was seriously injured, after which armed groups loyal to both sides closed the coastal road and local roads and clashed using heavy weapons.