Uneasy calm prevailed on Saturday after heavy clashes that were reported on Friday night in south Tripoli's Al-Gibes neighborhood between an armed group affiliated with Osama Juwaili, who is on the side of Fathi Bashagha's government, and other armed groups who are against Bashagha's government.

Sources said the reason behind the clashes was the attempt of Juwaili-affiliated forces to seize a camp for the National Mobile Force, which is loyal to the Government of National Unity (GNU).

According to the sources, the attacking force stormed the camp at night and almost took control of it, taking advantage of the element of surprise.

"However, the force that was positioned in the camp held out until reinforcements arrived. After that, Juwaili's armed group withdrew to its position at the April 7 camp in Al-Swani area, which was about to come under attack but saved by the mediations between the two parties that resulted in a temporary truce and uneasy calm." The sources added, saying the brief clashes led to the killing and injury of a number of fighters from Juwaili's armed group.

Juwaili's attempt to seize the military camp after the decision by the Commander in Chief of the Libyan Army, Mohammed Menfi, to dissolve all the joint military rooms, including the joint operations room headed by Juwaili, who earlier said he was ready to lead a military operation to allow Bashagha to enter Tripoli.