UNHCR has evacuated over 1000 highly vulnerable refugees out of Libya since November and is looking for durable solutions for them in third countries.

The UNHCR said on its website that a flight departed on Tuesday from Tripoli and arrived in Niamey, Niger, carrying 128 refugees, adding that on Wednesday, a second plane took 150 refugees from Tripoli to Rome, Italy, bringing to 1,084 the total number of immigrants evacuated since the beginning of UNHCR’s operation - three months ago.

UNHCR’s special Envoy for the Central Mediterranean, Vincent Cochetel, said those evacuations provided a new chance at life for more than 1000 refugees who were detained in Libya and suffered tremendously.

“By the end of 2018, we hope to evacuate thousands more,” said Cochetel.

“With the cooperation of UNHCR’s partners and thanks to the crucial support of the government of Niger, the 128 refugees evacuated to Niger on Tuesday, 13 February, are being accommodated in guesthouses in Niamey, where assistance and psychosocial support are made available pending resettlement or other durable solutions. So far, 770 refugees have been evacuated to Niger, including single mothers, families and unaccompanied and separated children.” Cochetel explained.

He pointed out that those evacuations were the best example of the impact that international solidarity can have on refugees themselves; however, much more needs to be done.

“We call on all countries to come forth with additional places that will provide a tangible solution for many more refugees who are still in Libya,” Cochetel indicted.