Transatlantic Leadership Network, a Washington, D.C. based think tank has announced efforts to highlight next generation voices in Libya’s effort towards the reconciliation, and institution-building processes.

The book is edited by Dr. Sasha Toperich and Dr. Ali Abusedra, with Dr. Nizar Krikish as project director, and distributed by Brookings Institution Press from Washington D.C.

11 young Libyan scholars contributed articles: Alaa AbouGhrara, Ghaith Alsanusi, Niswar Aswed, Omar Azouz, Muna Diaf, Mohamed Eldarsi, Fatimah Elfeitori, Dr. Nizar Krikish, Khirya Erkhise, Fatma Hashad, Rima Kalush.

Michael Barbero, the Transatlantic Leadership Network’s Vice President and a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General, delivered the opening remarks praising the work of the UNSMIL and U.S. Embassy in fostering the newly renewed peace talks, which should bring about general elections in the country, scheduled for December 24, 2021.

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