UNICEF: Over 100 unaccompanied children are in Libya's Janzour detention center

UNICEF: Over 100 unaccompanied children are in Libya's Janzour detention center

September 09, 2018 - 20:50
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

UNICEF said Sunday that over 100 unaccompanied and separated children are among 1000 inhabitants of an overcrowded detention center in Janzour after the relocation of migrants following clashes in the capital, Tripoli.

UNICEF said on Facebook that with a maximum capacity of 550, the detention center is overwhelmed.

"Children and families are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, traumatized by what they have seen. A joint UN mission went to assess needs and will work to provide emergency supplies such as food, water, diapers and improving the water and sanitation facilities." It added.

UNICEF indicated that it is continuing to advocate for the release of detained children, saying until that is achieved, it is determined bring some comfort and relief to these children.

Doctors without Borders (MSF) has remarked thousands of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers arbitrarily held in Libyan detention centers must immediately be released and evacuated to safety out of the country.

"Several detention centers in Tripoli are on frontlines and thousands of desperate people are still trapped inside," said Ibrahim Younis, MSF's Head of mission for Libya.

Over 63 people were killed, 12 went missing, 259 injured and about 2000 were displaced in two-week clashes in souther Tripoli districts, according to the Health Ministry and Tripoli Field Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Libyan capital as well as the southern region have been plunged into total blackouts over the last three days after the agreement on the ceasefire that ended days of bloody clashes.