An armed group dubbed “Anti-Fuel-Smuggling Brigade” said it had been responsible for targeting a number of fuel tanker trucks that were smuggling fuel from Al-Zawiya to Tunisia.

Eyewitnesses said they found a leaflet near the trucks after the drivers got off reading that this group does not work for the government and vows to explode any fuel-smuggling truck that would come across it, including the people inside.

The leaflet, which was found in southern Al-Ajilat city in the area where the tanker trucks were blown up, contains a warning for all of the families of the smugglers that their sons will be subject to gunshots if they do not stop their illegal work.

Smuggling fuel has experienced a hike lately via sand and sided routes despite the efforts exerted to fight this phenomenon; especially that Tunisia had built a trench and sand barrier alongside its border with Libya to limit such illegal acts.