The President of the Union of Jews of Libya, Raphael Luzon, said Libyan Jews' return to Libya for living is not possible now, adding that it could be in the future when Libya's crisis ends and becomes stable.

"Libyan Jews currently want to visit the areas where they were born, launch tourism projects and help develop the economy." Luzon told Libya TV, which is based in Jordan, on Friday.

Luzon added in the Libyan TV interview that the country needs a UN envoy who is Libyan so that he can relate to Libyans' culture, saying he is fit for such a position and can end the conflict among Libyans.

"Jews can mediate solutions among conflicting parties as they are not allied to any of the parties." He remarked. 
"I was opposed to Gaddafi's regime and never contacted his regime until Gaddafi invited me with other Libyan Jews in 2010 for two days, then I was invited in 2011 before February revolution to visit Tripoli and Benghazi. I came in 2011 to Libya with my mother," Luzon further explained.

"I am in contact with the deputy head of the Presidential Council Ahmed Mitig who asked me to be a linking point with Libyan Jews abroad to open the door for their return." He also indicated, pointing out that delegations from Tubu and Tuareg visited him in London, while he also contacted the Head of the High Council of State Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli and met him in London to talk about the right of Libyan Jews to return.

"I invited Israeli Jews to Rhodes, Greece in 2017 but only as Libyan nationals and not as officials including Israeli minister Gila Gamliel and an Israeli army general brigadier, besides Libyan officials like then-minister of information and culture at the Interim Government Omar Al-Guwairi and others." Luzon elaborated.

The President of the Union of Jews of Libya said as well that the US President's, Donald Trump, decision to name Jerusalem as Israel capital is a wrong, adding that solving the Palestinian cause lies in accepting the two-state solution and giving 50% Jerusalem to each state, with Al-Aqsa Mosque side going to Palestinians.