The Mayor of Benghazi, Omar Al-Berasi, confirmed that an armed group claiming to be related to military leaders stormed Monday the Municipality’s building, holding some of the municipal members and employees both males and females as hostages, yet the females were later freed by the armed group after many persuasive attempts.

In a press statement, Al-Berasi said he does not know who the armed group that stormed the building is, adding that there were surveillance cameras and the municipality will later identify those responsible for this criminal act, especially that we have now been informed that there was a famous journalist with the armed group tasked to document the storming.

“We contacted security departments to help us identify the armed group to get to know who is trying to destabilize the city, especially after it has been freed from terrorists.” He said, indicating that the storming incident aimed at his dismissal and demanding LYD25 million that the municipality was receiving.

“Some of the armed group members threatened the Mayor with murder after they had vandalized his office and destroyed all its items.” Al-Berasi explained.

He clarified that the Municipality is following a legal system to spend money by doing so through the grants committee, pointing out that nobody will ever force them to spend money in the wrong places, even by pointing a gun at them.

“No one is above the law and I am ready to go under interrogation if I was convicted with any kind of embezzlement.” Al-Berasi remarked.

It is worth mentioning that Omar Al-Berasi has been appointed as the Mayor of Benghazi after securing a deal with some of the municipal members to dismiss the elected Mayor, Tariq Al-Arfi because he was against to Dignity Operation.