UNSC briefing of Libya's UN ambassador sparks social media fury

UNSC briefing of Libya's UN ambassador sparks social media fury

June 07, 2016 - 12:56
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Libya's ambassador to the United Nations has caused outrage on social media after he claimed that the ISIS stronghold of Sirte could fall into the hands of Al-Qaida after defeating the radical group's militants from it.

Ibrahim Dabbashi said in his briefing on Libya at a UNSC meeting in New York on Monday that Sirte is expected to be liberated from ISIS within the coming 2 weeks, but it could be taken over by Al-Qaida.

"We haven't heard about any plan for the post-liberation of the city that should include return of IDPs, reactivating security institutions and departure of the armed groups from the city, and this is necessary so as not to be surprised by the expulsion of Daesh and control of the city by Al-Qaida." He said.

Social media users reacted furiously with many have called for his dismissal.

Tobruk MP Fathi Bashaga has also lashed out at Ibrahim Dabbashi saying he does not represent the state but rather himself. Bashaga added in a tweet that all conflicting parties in Libya have agreed for his resignation.

"The distance from New York to Sirte has hindered Libya's sacked ambassador to the UN from seeing the truth," Bashaga tweeted.

In December 2015, the eastern government of Abdullah Al-Thani sacked Dabbashi but he refused to comply with the decision.

Dabbashi is an ally to Dignity Operation and he categorises Misrata brigades, which are fighting ISIS in Sirte now, as militias and a bunch of extremists and Al-Qaida members.

This is not the first time he uses Al-Qaida categorization to defame Dignity Operation opponents. In February, he claimed that Sabratha revolutionaries, who pulled ISIS affiliates out of their city, were Al-Qaida-leaning fighters. Later, he made another claim, saying Derna Shura council, which expelled ISIS from Derna, is Al-Qaida affiliate, though this claim was publicly denied.