President of Tobruk Parliament Aqaliah Saleh has criticized the head of UN Support Mission in Libya Martin Kobler, saying he - Kobler - has a specific agenda to achieve.

In an interview with Jordan-based 218 TV, Aqaliah said Kobler wants to implement a specific agenda and sets a record for himself by claiming he solved Libya's crisis.

"Kobler has shifted himself from the head of UNSMIL to the ruler of Libya," Aqaliah indicated.

Aqaliah also criticized Fayaz Sirraj, the Prime Minister-designate of UN-imposed government saying he is a tool in the hands of Martin Kobler.

"I think Sirraj is not the right person to lead this government because of his mistakes. His actions are directed by Martin Kobler," he said.

Aqaliah denied reports of members of the Presidency Council that they had entered Tripoli on board a Libyan frigate, disclosing that an Italian frigate sailed them to the Libyan territorial waters where Libyan frigate Sadadah was waiting for them.

He declared that the performance of his parliament is very poor. Despite this, he said the monthly salary of MPs which is amounted to LYD 16.000 is not enough and thinks 50.000 a month would be fair enough!