The United Nations Support Mission in Libyan (UNSMIL) has documented 16 deaths and 12 injuries among civilians due to violence and clashes across Libya in last January, according to the UNSMIL’s human rights and civilian injuries report that was issued Wednesday.

“From Jan 01 to Jan 31 2017, 28 civilian casualties were reported divided into 16 deaths and 12 injuries in all over Libya.” The UNSMIL’s report says.

Among those killed were 5 children, one woman, and 10 men, while among the injuries, there were three children and 9 men, the report adds.

“A twelve-year-old boy was injured by a random gunshot when he was doing sports activities in the school in the morning on January 01 in Al-Hadba, Tripoli. The child was sent to hospital and survived.” The UNSMIL explained.

Airstrikes on Ganfouda, Benghazi, caused the death of civilians including 4 children, while one other child was wounded, the report remarks, adding that on January 12, an unknown armed group set fire to a house in Hun town, killing five Nigerian immigrants, including one woman.

“In Sabha, six men were killed and two others were wounded in different violent acts, while in an explosive attack on a Benghazi mosque on January 20, one boy was killed and eight people were injured,” says the report.

The UNSMIL also added that seven men were killed on January 28 after an armed attack on a checkpoint in Garabulli district by an armed group, however; it said it was not clear whether or not the deaths were civilians.