The draft proposal of UNSMIL to resolve the Libyan crisis is disappointing, GNC deputy speaker and member of the dialogue team said today.

Speaking in a press conference this evening, Saleh Al-Makhzoom said the proposal, which was received by the GNC today, is unbalanced and does not respect the Supreme Court ruling, neither meets the revolutionaries' aspiration to resolve the crisis politically.

"Bernardino Leon's proposal states that the dissolved House of Representative is the sole legislative authority, which is very serious that brings us to the zero point." He clarified.

"The proposal aims to extend the mandate of the HoR and empower Khalifa Haftar." He added.

Al-Makhzoon went on to explain that the GNC is not seeking legitimacy but rather a balanced political solution.

We are still ready to present real solutions, and we will not suspend our participation in the dialogue, he confirmed, adding that the GNC dialogue team will meet with activists and revolutionary fighters to respond to this proposal and formulate another one. 

Leon's proposal states that both sides shall agree on a defined transitional stage that does not exceed two years, and extend the mandate of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly. Leon also proposes not to prejudice HoR elections neither consider the Supreme Court ruling in order not to create power vacuum.