The UN acting envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams said the participants of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum arrived Saturday in Tunisia ahead of Monday meeting.

Williams told Libya Alahrar TV that the meeting in Tunis will be under the umbrella of the UN resolutions and Berlin Conference conclusions, which are the basis for the ongoing UNSMIL-facilitated tracks.

She said participants will be discussing reaching an agreement in arrangements for holding elections, including the need for a united executive authority as well as a constitutional framework that leads to those long-awaited elections.

"Our goal is to bring back legitimacy to Libya's bodies via elections through democracy. An upcoming new united executive authority will ensure provision of vital services and pave the way for national reconciliation." Williams added.

She said there is now momentum in Libya after the ceasefire agreement and the first meeting of the joint military commission inside Libya in Ghadames, in addition to the resumption of oil production and exports.