The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has stressed the importance of conducting an inclusive electoral process that involves the High Council of State (HCS) in the preparation of electoral laws, including during the meeting in Rome, in line with relevant provisions of the Libyan Political Agreement and the Tunis Roadmap regarding the preparation of the electoral legislation.

UNSMIL urged the House of Representatives and the HCS to act in goodwill towards these objectives and to coordinate in line with the relevant provisions of the Libyan Political Agreement.

It also said that its role during Rome meeting that will be held from July 26 to 29 is to provide technical support and advice to the HoR’s Committee and the HNEC in developing draft electoral laws, on the basis of the United Nations principles for electoral assistance and human rights principles.

The mission expressed its gratitude to the Italian government for hosting this meeting, expressing its hope that this effort and the work of the HOR Committee will be fully guided by the abovementioned principles and objectives and will result in establishing a legal framework and additional momentum for the holding of inclusive, free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections on December 24.