The UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric confirmed that the UN head mission to Libya, Jan Kubis, has submitted his resignation to the Secretary-General, who accepted it "with regret."

"The Secretary-General is working on an appropriate replacement," Dujarric told a press conference at the UN HQ on Tuesday.

He emphasized that the UN is taking due account the electoral calendar and is working as quickly as possible to ensure continuity of leadership.

In response to a question regarding the timing of Kubis' resignation, which comes before a month of the country's long-awaited elections, Dujarric said that the UN has a big mission on the ground, including technical people working with the Libyan electoral authorities to provide the needed support.

However, he stressed that it is important to fill the post of the Secretary-General Special Envoy as soon as possible and ensure continuity of work.

"We are working expeditiously to fill the leadership… to fill the post to ensure continuity, but I think it’s important to state that the support of the UN for the Libyan people, the support of the UN for the electoral process and in our technical capacity is continuing unabated."

The UN spokesman disclosed that Kubis would brief the Security Council Wednesday, saying that "he, more than anyone else, does not want to destabilize the mission in any way or form."

Regarding whether Kubis will be in his post by the time of the elections, Dujarric insisted that there is a confidence that Kubis will not leave the seat and leave the Mission hanging, as he put it.

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