US airstrikes in Libya’s Sirte draw mixed reactions

US airstrikes in Libya’s Sirte draw mixed reactions

August 03, 2016 - 12:59
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The Presidential Council of UN-installed government, Monday, requested airstrikes from the United States on IS positions in Sirte, as ground offensive against the radical group continues.

Reacting to the request, the Libyans have been split over the US intervention.

The country’s top religious body has totally refused the call for foreign intervention. The Fatwa House said in a statement on Tuesday that the request of the Presidential Council aims to steal the efforts of the revolutionaries and their sacrifices in Sirte front lines.

“This request is an insult to the large numbers of martyrs in Sirte and an attempt to save Haftar in Benghazi on the pretext of fighting terrorism,” the statement reads, calling on all concerned parties to bear their responsibilities and reject this intervention.

The High Council of State has welcomed the US airstrikes, saying they will speed up the victory over ISIS.

The council also rejected any foreign intervention without prior permission from the Presidential Council.

In east Libya, Tobruk-based House of Representatives has deplored the US airstrikes in Sirte. It said in a statement that the airstrikes are just a propaganda campaign for the next US presidential elections, demanding the US ambassador to come to the HoR for clarifications.