The US ambassador to Libya Richard Norland said the presence of about 2000 Russian mercenaries from Wagner Group and the modern weapons they have are disrespectful to Libya's sovereignty and regional security.

Ambassador Norland told London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper Saturday that Washington believed Russia could secure its legitimate interests in Libya via more normal means adding that the US wants an end to the offensive of Khalifa Haftar's forces on Tripoli, a permanent ceasefire and a negotiated peaceful solution to the conflict.

"Haftar should realize that his influence and control in Libya are shrinking with the continuing attacks. He could lose his political legitimacy if he didn't allow eastern Libyan region to engage in political negotiations. The countries supporting Haftar are now aware that their goals of fighting terrorism are being undermined by Haftar's offensive on Tripoli." Norland remarked.

He added that wars strengthen the militias in eastern and western Libya, saying that they have told Libyan leaderships that militias will be dismantled once the war ends.

"Moving to a democratic political regime in Libya is an unavoidable necessity and Libyans at this 21st century won't accept anything less than full democracy as a ruling system for their country." Ambassador Norland indicated.