The ambassador of the United States Richard Norland said there is no doubt that Wagner Group is operating on behalf of the Russian government, adding that its activities are destabilizing Libya.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awasat newspaper, Norland said the presence of any armed groups, including Wagner, in Libya will only lead to undermining the measures of trust building between the parties to the conflict.

"We cannot hope to see foreign mercenaries withdraw from western Libya if Russia's Wagner Group mercenaries remain and boost their presence in the east." He added.

Meanwhile, the US welcomed the permanent, nationwide ceasefire agreement signed at the Joint Military Commission (JMC) talks in Geneva. 

"This agreement is a major step forward toward realizing the shared interests of all Libyans in de-escalation, stability, and the departure of foreign fighters. We congratulate the parties on the successful outcome of their negotiations, and Acting SRSG Stephanie Williams for her indispensable role in facilitating the talks." The US embassy said in a statement.   

It urged internal and external actors now to support good faith implementation of the agreement, saying that this accomplishment sets the stage for further progress in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum that will get underway next week aimed at a lasting resolution to the conflict.