The US special envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, has indicated that reconstruction efforts in Derna amid the presence of two governments in the country are inefficient, saying in statements to reporters that the rebuilding process will be more viable if there is one single government in Libya.

Norland added on Thursday that the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank would be ready to provide support for the rebuilding of the flood-ravaged areas in Libya, stressing that the disaster in Derna garnered more attention by Washington to Libya.

He also said it was time Libyan leaders met without exclusion of any party to discuss the formation of a unified government of technocrats to lead the country to elections, reiterating his call on the United Nations (UN) envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, to invite all Libyan leaders and their representatives for meetings that would bring about the formation of a unified government of technocrats.

Norland remarked that Libyan leaders who met with the Russians, referring to Khalifa Haftar who had visited Moscow and met with President Vladimir Putin, should discuss the reasons of the continued presence of the Wagner Group mercenaries in Libya.