US Embassy

The United States (US) Special Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, and Chargé d'Affaires Leslie Ordman, hailed the peacebuilding strategy in southern Libya.

The US Embassy said on Twitter on Wednesday that the two diplomats attended the launching activities of this peacebuilding strategy and commended the UN Development Program's (UNDP) enhanced focus on the south and its leadership convening Libyan and international partners to advance stability through its Peacebuilding and Resilience Strategy for Southern Libya. 

"This effort is fully aligned with the US Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability for Libya. The US looks forward to a productive partnership with UNDP and Libyans to forge a more unified and prosperous Libya." The embassy said. 

The UNDP in Libya announced Wednesday the launching of a new program called "Local Peacebuilding and Recovery" to support the residents of the south, in cooperation with the Ministries of Planning and Local Governing.

The resident representative UNDP, Marc-Andre Franche, said that the program focuses on improving livelihoods, creating job opportunities and supporting businesses over the next three years in nine municipalities, according to a statement issued by the UNDP.

The UNDP aims to establish sustainable peace and strengthen the local economy in the south by supporting the government in providing basic services and creating job opportunities for youth and women. On April 11, Marc-Andre Franche said that the UNDP was doubling its efforts to support the population and institutions in southern Libya by improving governance, reconciliation, services and providing better job opportunities.