US AFRICOM has carried out overnight air raids targeting two camps for IS militants in southwestern Sirte, according to a statement by the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government.

The PC confirmed on Thursday that IS militants were targeted in the desert nearby Sirte in a bid to cripple their movement and intention to regroup and come back to Sirte after being eradicated from there by Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos forces.

Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos liberated Sirte from IS terrorists on December 06 2016 after eight months of deadly clashes. AFRICOM took part in that war on terror by air attacking IS positions in Sirte.

“War on terrorism has not finished yet; all efforts must be working hand in hand along with the international support to uproot terrorism from Libya, once and for all.” The statement adds.

Relatedly, a US Pentagon official said US B-2 bombers conducted air attacks in Libya killing scores of IS militants, adding that the target was two camps of IS terror group 45 km southwestern Sirte.