The United States (US) decided to reduce the funds provided to Tunisia to start the third and final phase of securing its borders with Libya, a program implemented by the Tunisian army with funding from the US and Germany.

The French magazine Jeune Afrique reported on Friday that the reduction came due to what Washington described as the "excesses of the Tunisian regime", adding that Tunisian-American relations have entered a cold phase since August 2021, when Washington announced its disapproval of the political process that President Kais Saied started in Tunisia since July 25 of the same year and considered it a setback for democracy in the country.

"Faced with the policy of the Tunisian head of state, the Biden administration has decided to and plans to reduce its support from 106 million dollars in 2023 to 68.3 million in 2024." The report said, adding that on the side of the Libyan authorities who had not appreciated the project of the "wall", there seems to be a reaction. 

"Without apparent reasons and without the joint Tunisian-Libyan commission in charge of controlling border movements between the two countries having begun its work, the Ministry of the Interior of the Libyan government of national unity deployed, on 26 March, patrols of his Sahrawi unit all along the border with Tunisia from the el-Assa region to El Ahimer." The report indicated.