Representatives of Libya’s western cities of Misrata, Zintan and Tarhuna signed on Saturday a social charter to promote peace in the country.

The charter, signed in Tarhuna, calls for unity and rejects division. It also vows support for the country’s police and army under the umbrella of a civil authority and commitment to the goals of the February 17 revolution.

“We reject coup attempts, fighting and use of force between Libyans,” the three cities said in their charter.

The charter stressed that dialogue should be held between all Libyans at home, refusing foreign and regional interference in the country’s internal affairs.

Libya’s western cities have embarked in concrete efforts to end division and promote peace and stability in the region, especially between the conflicting cities.

Misrata and Zintan held in March and April talks aimed at ending tension between them and to show unity and reject separation of the country.

The Misrata and Zintan reconciliation was followed by another one between Zintan and Zawiya.