Armed brigades from Libya’s western cities paraded in Zawia on Saturday to show their intention to use force against kidnap gangs in crime-torn Wirshiffana region.

In a statement, the brigades, mainly from Zawia, Sabratha, Surman, Zuwara and Wirshiffana displaced groups, said they are ready to reopen the highway, which has been closed by Wirshiffana gangs for nearly two years, causing great damage to the residents of the western cities and towns.

Yesterday, skirmishes broke out between the western brigades and Wirshiffana gangs in Maya town, but soon they ended when elders from Wirshiffana intervened and demanded a final chance until Sunday to convince the gangs to reopen the highway.

Sources from Wirshiffana said the kidnap gangs are mobilizing in checkpoint 27 in anticipation of any advance from the western brigades.

Wirshiffana, a region located adjacent to Tripoli’s western outskirt of Janzour, has become a hub of terrorists and kidnap gangs.

In one of the latest crimes there, Wirshiffana kidnap gangs released hostage Suleiman Abu Hilalah after 25 days of abduction for an LYD 150.000 ransom.

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