A Dignity Operation militia group has seized Zueitina town, some 180 km southwest of Benghazi, a move that could trigger a fierce fighting for the town's oil terminal.

So-called Brigade 153 of Dignity Operation, led by Muftah Shagloof, entered Zueitina last week and declared full control of the town expect the oil port, which is still under control of Ibrahim Jodran's so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard.

Shagloof's brigade has been deployed in Shirb district, 15km to the east of the port, while Ibrahim Jodran has put his armed group on full alert to confront any attack.  

Spokesperson of Ajdabiya Operation Room of Dignity Operation Akrm Abu Haliga said military preparations are underway to attack the port.

Ibrahim Jodran is at odds with Dignity Operation and its chief Khalifa Haftar.

Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation has expressed concerns about the military escalation in Zueitina and warned both sides that any war there will lead to the destruction of the oil infrastructure, the country's main source of income.

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States have also expressed concern at the increasing tension near Zueitina oil port. They called both sides to refrain from hostilities and avoid any action that could damage or disrupt Libya’s energy infrastructure.