The intention of the UN-imposed government to locate in Tripoli by force could trigger a devastating war in the capital, now home to about 2.5 million people.

Opponents to the self-approved government are gearing up for possible confrontations in Tripoli against pro government brigades, especially from Misrata. Last night, anti government brigades marched in Tripoli streets while shooting into the air.

The opposing brigades have already declared their refusal to the arrival of the government in Tripoli and said they are ready to launch a protracted war against it.

The other camp, where brigades from Misrata play a key role, said it will bring the government in Tripoli at any cost.

Early Monday, Misrata Municipality and its affiliated brigades, in addition to the city members of parliament and proposed state council threatened in a statement to launch war against the anti government brigades.

"We are obliged to stand against the opposing sides with force," the pro-armed brigades' statement warned.

The pro-brigades also warned the other side of arrest and decided to set up a joint room to install the government in Tripoli by force.

Surprisingly, Misrata military council was not present in the statement, as split over the UN-imposed government deepens.

Hours later, other brigades expressed rejection to the statement, which they said was dictated by the municipal council, Fathi Bashaga, Tobruk MP and Abdul-Rahman Al-Swiehli, GNC member; the three are strong supporters of UN-imposed government.  

Some brigades, which also favor Sirraj government and had attended the reading event of the statement, refused to sign the statement saying it provokes hatred.

The UN-imposed government, headed by Fayaz Sirraj, did not get the approval of the majority of people and failed to get Tobruk Parliament approval as per Skhirat agreement.

However, the government approved itself based on forged signatures of Tobruk Parliament MPs and was given the go-ahead by UN Mission in Libya to act as the only legitimate Libyan government. The self-approval of the government was also welcomed by western countries including the US, Britain, France and Italy.