The Warden of the Hadba Prison, Khalid Al-Sharif, declined the news reported by news outlets and websites about the death of the former Colonel at the Military Police, Abu Bakr Momen, inside the prison due to torture.

Momen has been imprisoned in Hadba since 2011 as he was charged with taking part in Abu Salim massacre during Gaddafi’s reign.

On his personal Facebook page, Al-Sharif said the Colonel died on Monday due to a heart attack after he had his breakfast with other inmates, adding that the prison administration called the Public Prosecutor’s Office and an investigation officer from the prison to document the real cause of the death.

“The General Prosecution took a listen to the testimonies of the workers and inmates of the Hadba Prison about the death case, and then it ordered the body be transferred to the Tripoli Medical Center in Al-Zawiya St.” The Warden added, saying his family was informed about his death and was given a clearance for burial by the forensic doctor.

Colonel Momen was arrested by a revolutionary brigade after liberating Tripoli and was charged with urging for the killing of inmates in Abu Salim Prison in 1996 as well as opening fire on them in the notorious massacre.