Two Libyan sisters who were separated during the Italian occupation of Libya have been reunited after 94 years.

Fatima al-Tabouli al-Warfali went missing while escaping Italian forces in the late 1920s, and her family hadn't heard from her since.

Her sister Oum al-Saad al-Tabouli al-Warfali, who lives with her family in Bani Walid town, southeast of Tripoli, said she was told that her sister died after losing her in the southern region of Fezzan while fleeing the Italian occupation. However, she told local media that she never lost hope that she would be reunited with her other sister Fatima.

The two sisters were reunited, amid a celebration joined by notables from the Warflaa and the Mujabara tribes in Jalu, where Fatima was married.

Italian forces committed massacres and atrocities against Libyans and erected mass detention camps in the desert, in an attempt to suppress the resistance movement during the colonial era between 1911-1943.

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