Warring armed groups break ceasefire as clashes renew in Libya's capital

Warring armed groups break ceasefire as clashes renew in Libya's capital

September 18, 2018 - 20:12
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Clashes erupted on Tuesday on the Tripoli Tariq Al-Matar (Airport Road) between Liwaa Al-Summod forces led by former Libyan Dawn leader Salah Badi and Central Security Department forces in Abu Salim led by Abdelghani Al-Kikli.

Clashes led to a wave of displacement among families in the hot zone, sources reported, adding that from the early morning on Tuesday, Tripoli Protection Force fighters were seen deployed in southern and eastern Tripoli districts.

UN-brokered Ceasefire Breaks

Accusations for breaking the ceasefire were exchanged by the two warring parties.

Liwaa Al-Sumood said on Facebook that it thwarted and countered an attack by "Ghniea militias" and its forces advanced in the Airport Road and seized Matabat Road in Hadba neighborhood.

Whereas, The central security spokesman said Liwaa Al-Sumood attacked them using heavy arms in the Airport Road, leading to random shells falling on civilians.

"Our forces advanced together with Tanks Brigade on the Airport Road and they encircled the Naqliya Camp, where Liwaa Al-Sumood is located." He added.

The clashes made South Hadba power units 1 and 2 go off and thus created a blackout from Tripoli to Ras Ajdair westward before the power was gradually restored.

Meanwhile, exam-goers for the second round of the secondary school certificate could not arrive in Tripoli University amid clashes.

Education Minister, Othman Abdeljalil, said to keep the students safe, exams will be he'd in safer areas, adding that the ministry will fix the absence of the students who did not manage to arrive in exam halls amid clashes on Tuesday.