Frustrated Tobruk residents, east Libya, protested on Sunday in the Martyrs’ Square in the center of the city, demanding the House of Representatives and the fragile interim government of Abdullah Al-Thanni to intervene urgently to save the city from thirst as a consequence of the impending closure of the seawater desalination plant.

The protesters threatened to escalate their protests that would include disruption of oil exports from Marsa Al-Hariga oil terminal if their demands are not met. 

The angry protesters gave the House of Representatives one week, starting on Sunday, to address their demands or they will move their protests to the parliament and prevent MPs from entering the parliament.

They called on the National Oil Corporation and the government to take full responsibility to solve the water crisis immediately.

“It is not reasonable for a city that exports oil on a daily basis to have only one source of water,” the residents said, warning that oil for water is a nonnegotiable measure.  

"The citizen cannot provide all the needs of water, electricity, food, drink and clothing at 400 or 500 dinars per month, not to mention the security dimensions and the reaction that will scorch all of the security services within the city due to this disaster," the protesters said.

Meanwhile, an urgent meeting that brought together all society segments of city was held on Monday at Dar Al-Salam Hotel. The attendees threatened to shut down Marsa Al-Hariga oil terminal after five days if maintenance to the city’s only water plant was not performed.

The water disaster is expected to occur within 14 days.