The Man-made River Authority said Tuesday that water started flowing back to Tripoli, central and western cities after being cut for over 24 hours.

On Facebook, the authority said the reopening of water pipelines at Hassawana system started Tuesday morning by unblocking valves of Shuwairif control system, promising that water is going to run normally within hours in Tripoli.

Tripoli Central Municipality said the wells in southern Libya have been reopened and assured people that water is going to be flowing Tuesday across the whole region.

On Monday, the Presidential Council accused a pro-Haftar armed group of trying to make about 3 million people suffer from thirst in Tripoli, saying this act is another war crime added to bombing civilians and displacing them.

The Presidential Council added in a statement that the blame goes to those who called for such an act in public and those who executed the act as well, finding the silence and reluctance to condemnation of the international community strange.

Gunmen loyal to Haftar attacked the pipelines in Shuwairif on Sunday and forced workers to block the water flow and cut off supplies to Tripoli, central and western Libya.