President of GNC Nuri Abu Sahmain has urged the Tunisian authorities to reconsider their statements on Libya following the recent Tunisian media campaign against the country.

Addressing army units during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Libyan Army on Thursday, Abu Sahmain said he had requested the Tunisian authorities to be aware of their statements which accused Libya of harboring terrorism as a reaction to June's Sousse attack that resulted in 38 deaths and 37 injuries.

"I wish the Tunisian authorities to be aware of such statements. It's up to them to build a border barrier, it's an internal matter, but when they describe our country as a haven and a source of terrorism, they have to reconsider their positions."He said.

Abu Sahmain disclosed that there are local voices calling on the GNC and the Salvation Government to close the borders with Tunisia.

"We do not accept to be a source of concern to Tunisia but when some Tunisian security institutions and politicians deliberately continue to do such actions...maybe if we took this decision (border closure), we would hold those who are dragging us to taking a decision responsible for this." He warned.

Abu Sahmain also called on the Tunisian authorities to work for the mutual share of both countries' wealth.

"We call on them to enable the Tunisians to enjoy Libya's wealth, and the Libyans to enjoy the economic, touristic and medical means in Tunisia." He concluded.