The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, said that the government will start granting loans to youth and non-youth in the coming days, noting that the government's Economic Committee will start implementing the economic development loan program.

In his speech during the ceremony of distributing the cheques of the second batch of the marriage support grant in Tripoli, on Tuesday, Dbeibah explained that this program aims to help young people in economic planning and implementation of their own projects.

PM Dbeibah confirmed that his government achieved a financial surplus despite the current circumstances, unlike previous governments, reiterating that his government was the least spending government over the past years.

He also called on his government ministers to provide reports on the funds allocated to them, asking the youth to form a "follow-up government" to monitor the work of ministries and the implementation of projects in various regions of the country.

Dbeibah added that he had not previously planned to head the government, indicating that he would hand over his duties to an elected authority, stressing his continuation in his position until the adoption of a constitution for the country, stressing the need to preserve Libya's unity, saying “many conspiracies today seek to undermine the unity of the Libyans”.