Elders and dignitaries from the western, central regions and Greater Tripoli called Monday on Tarhouna city to withdraw their fighters from the forces attacking Tripoli under Khalifa Haftar's command in order to stop the bloodshed.

The elders added, in a statement after a meeting in Tripoli, that Tarhouna elders and leaderships should take up their responsibility toward the current bloodshed and destruction in the war on Tripoli and thus kick out Haftar's forces from their administrative borders and halt cooperation with them.

The elders also warned that not answering their plea would make Tarhouna city responsible for the consequences of the current attack on Tripoli.

"We're against violence and terrorism as well as corruption but we are also against war and with the civilian state and the building of state army and police for all Libyans under the internationally-recognized government." The statement reads.

The statement came to react to the participation of Tarhouna armed groups - 9th Brigade which was formerly known as 7th Brigade; the one that had two military operations in Tripoli last year - alongside Haftar's forces in the war on Tripoli. Tarhouna armed groups are fighting in frontlines like Qasir Benghashir, Wadi Rabea, Ain Zara and Khallit Al-Furjan.