The spokesman of the Misrata military council, Ibrahim Bayt Al-Mal, said a meeting took place on Sunday in Misrata where military councils of western cities and Nafousa Mountain districts gathered as an expansion to the Sixth Gathering of the Libyan Army Officials that was held in Tripoli two months ago.

“The meeting was excellent.” Bayt Al-Mal remarked.

He said the military councils discussed the delay of appointing A Chief of Staff by the Presidential Council, adding that the resolutions made in the Sixth Gathering were very clear including the appointment of a Chief of Staff in no more than a month span, “but we have passed two months with no action yet,” he added.

Bayt Al-Mal said the military councils had previously held workshops in a bid to outline the needed qualifications for those who would be nominated for military positions, pointing out that all cities and districts nominated a name or two for such positions and sent them to the Presidential Council in order to pick a Chief of Staff from them.

“However, the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government has been putting off this important step leading to a wave of upset among the military councils in the western, central and southern regions.” He indicated.

He also said that the military councils prepared what he described as “definitive” statement to be delivered to the Presidential Council explaining the current crisis in Libya, attaching to it the basics of founding Libya’s General Staff as perceived by Libya’s army officials in the western region.

The Sixth Gathering of the Libyan Army Officials was held in Tripoli two months ago when they called on the Presidential Council to appoint a Chief of Staff in one month, but the position is still vacant after two months of the gathering.