A report by the British newspaper “Daily Express” said that Western experts warned that Khalifa Haftar, who is supported by Russia, poses an increasing danger to Europe, including his use of illegal immigration to put pressure on Europe.

The experts said that “Haftar is closely linked to the Russian state to the point that every decision taken now in Libya is subject to Moscow’s approval.”

This warning comes days after “the British ambassador to Libya attended a procession to honor Haftar in his stronghold in Benghazi.”

The report, says, indicating that Russian president Vladimir Putin could use Haftar "to hold a gun to Europe’s head" to “extend European infrastructure and unity,” if Moscow seeks to gain greater influence in the United Nations Security Council or in the event of military setbacks in Ukraine.

The report indicated that Wagner has 2,000 mercenaries in Libya, in addition to a new unit of 1,500 regular Russian soldiers. It says that Western diplomats are trying to court Haftar, by offering concessions and economic contracts for Haftar's pledge to suppress immigrant flows from Libya.

However this approach did not bear fruit - according to the British newspaper - the region witnessed an increase in the number of immigrants crossing from Libya to Europe, as the number of immigrants in 2015 reached one million, and decreased to 100,000 in 2023, which indicates that Haftar could reopen the door to immigration as a tool to manipulate the West at any time.

Libyan affairs expert Jalel Harchaoui said: “The United Kingdom, the United States, France and Italy sent their diplomats to celebrate and honor Haftar’s armed alliance in Benghazi on Thursday - just weeks after the Russian armed forces sent tens of thousands of tons of military equipment, at a time when these democracies pledge to Western countries to fight corruption and Russian expansion.”