Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery said Monday that an armed group had closed the gas pipeline that feeds the main power generation unit in Al-Harsha, pointing out that the group had not named any demands over the shutdown. 

The administration of the refinery added that Al-Harsha power plant is working currently using the spare diesel fuel, which it said won’t be sufficient for more than a day and a half.

“The western region will then go into a total darkness as a blackout will take place due to the expected shortage of electricity generation in the power plant.” It indicated.

“If the closure does not end, we will be ready for a total blackout in the west of Libya.” Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery elaborated.

Libyan cities - west, south, and east - have been plagued with the outage of power in the current cold weather, leaving them completely desperate as to finding alternative sources for keeping warm in this harsh winter.