UN Advisor on Libya Stephanie Williams has denied that she had canceled a planned visit to Bani Walid that was set for Saturday, confirming that it was postponed to a later time.

Williams praised in a tweet the efforts of the municipal and the social councils of Bani Walid and expressed her desire to conduct the visit as soon as possible, within the framework of the consultations she is carrying out with various Libyan components.

It is noteworthy that a source from Bani Walid confirmed that Williams' visit to Bani Walid was canceled after unknown persons targeted the place that was intended to receive her with an RPG without causing any injuries.

On Friday, a number of residents in Bani Walid who supported Muammar Gaddafi expressed their refusal to Williams's visit, saying that she was part of the "conspiracy" that overthrew Gaddafi, as they put it.