The UN Advisor to Libya Stephanie Williams said that elections are the solution to the legitimacy crisis in Libya, stressing the need to for a roadmap toward holding them.

Williams told Al Jazeera Channel that the Libyan components, High Council of State and House of Repeat , made specific requests, saying that what the UN had requested was the establishment of the constitutional framework.

Williams added that what the UN had asked of the Libyan parties that met in Geneva was to resolve the outstanding gaps and establish a constitutional framework that leads to a roadmap toward elections.

When asked about Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, Williams said that she would not talk about the candidacy of anyone and that it was up to the Libyan people to choose their representatives, indicating that the time had come to leave political differences aside and redirect the roadmap toward holding elections.

Williams believed that the failure to meet the needs of citizens will fuel the protests that began in the past days, stressing that the demonstrations are a loud call from the people who were urging for elections.