The ex-advisor of the UN Secretary General on Libya, Stephanie Williams, has told Middle East Monitor website that most Libyan leaders "love to court external actors, to travel the world, and receive the red carpet treatment," saying that the same leaders, "hypocritically, publicly blame external actors for what are in the end mostly Libyan failures" to reach the needed consensus.

Williams said that Libya elections could happen provided that Libya's parliament and High Council of State provide the necessary legal framework.

Williams said that despite the progress made in the constitutional track meetings in Cairo, it remains insufficient as a basis to move forward towards comprehensive national elections.

Regarding allegations of bribery at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which produced Dbiebah-headed Government of National Unity and Menfi-headed Presidential Council, Williams said the allegations were sent, when they first appeared, to the UN experts' team and acting attorney general of Libya. She said by the time Dbiebah was elected a Prime Minister, the UN couldn't validate the allegations.