The UN Advisor on Libya, Stephanie Williams, has confirmed that the representatives of the High Council of State (HCS) and House of Representatives (HoR) at Cairo-hosted final round of constitutional talks on 43 new articles of the draft constitution, thus now agreeing on a total of 180 articles since the start of talks.

Williams told Arabi 21 website on Monday that the talks had seen remarkable progress, stressing that this is the final round and the joint HCS-HoR committee should come up with a constitutional framework for elections.

She said the progress at the meeting and all in total since the start is very remarkable and a way to reach a solid constitutional framework, leading to materializing the Libyan people’s aspiration for holding parliamentary and presidential elections.

Williams also confirmed that elections meet the aspirations of about three million Libyan voters who registered with the High National Elections Commission last year hoping that elections will be held. She pointed out that for this reason, she demanded in her opening remarks on Sunday that those attending the Cairo talks be responsible because this round comes at a critical stage, and all eyes are on Cairo's outcomes.