Williams: Talks start in Geneva Friday for selecting new Libyan executive authority

Williams: Talks start in Geneva Friday for selecting new Libyan executive authority

January 28, 2021 - 21:04
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The acting UN envoy, Stephanie Williams, gave a final briefing to the Security Council on Libya on Thursday before a new special envoy, Jan Kubis, takes office, saying Berlin Conference did not put an immediate end to the conflict and the suffering of the Libyan people, nor did foreign support to the warring parties relent and indeed, as blatant foreign interference continues in Libya.

"One year after the Berlin Conference, the intra-Libyan dialogues, facilitated by UNSMIL through the complementary political, military and economic tracks, have produced tangible progress." Williams said.

She added that the dialogues produced ceasefire that is now in place; while the Tunis Roadmap, adopted in mid-November, has charted the course for the restoration of democratic legitimacy through setting a clear date for national elections and for the establishment of a unified, temporary executive authority; and long-overdue economic-financial reforms are well under way.   

"What is now evident is that the Berlin process is doing what it had envisioned, it has created an international umbrella for the United Nations to work directly with the Libyan parties, military officers, political forces and thought leaders to seek a Libyan-Libyan resolution." She added.

Willaims also said that on Friday, she will arrive in Geneva for a decisive round of intra-Libyan talks, which is expected to result in the creation of a new temporary unified executive, reminding all prospective candidates that high office comes with high shared responsibilities.

"In this, my last briefing to this Council, I also remind all parties, States with vested interests in Libya, and importantly, those who seek executive office, that Libya’s future is in your hands. Please don’t let the Libyan people down." Williams added.

She indicated that the Security Council should signal its clear support for the new Libyan unified government through the issuance of a resolution that also calls for the dissolution of all remaining parallel executive entities.