A Dignity Operation security chief has urged people in Tobruk, east Libya, to kill Dignity Operation opponents.  

Speaking in a tribal ceremony to mourn one of their victims in Benghazi war, Ali Amrouni, chief of so-called Districts' Security said any one against Dignity Operation must be killed.

"Any one march in protest against Dignity Operation in any district will be shot dead," he threatened.

"This is a death order, I gave my instructions to shoot any Dignity Operation protester," he added.

Regrettably, the audience applauded the death threat while whistling and chanting Allah Akbar.

Amrouni also warned the audience of a plot-by a group of Tobruk-based House of Representatives members-to overthrow president Aqailah saleh, saying "if Aqailah falls, Khalifa Haftar will fall too."

Such threats are usually neglected by the UN mission in Libya, human rights organizations and the international community concerned about the country's security situations.

Dignity Operation has intensified death threats and attacks against opponents in recent months. Last week, a tribal mouthpiece for rogue General Khalifa Haftar and a former Gaddafi pimp called for killing of all besieged families in Ganfouda neighbourhood of Benghazi, claiming they are all ISIS members.