The Committee of Women and Children's Affairs at the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) said on Sunday that it is seriously working on issuing a law criminalizing violence against women in all its forms in the near future.

These remarks came in a statement of condemnation from the Committee for what some women in Libya were subjected to, such as domestic violence, which led to their deliberate killing for reasons unacceptable by Islamic Sharia or the law.

The statement said this behavior is unfair to the victims, adding that ending their lives in a hideous way reflects the brutality of the perpetrators and their loss of humanity.

The Committee called on the judicial authorities and all relevant authorities to take all necessary measures to punish the perpetrators.

The statement coincided with the third anniversary of the enforced disappearance of a member of the House of Representatives, Siham Sirgiwa, by Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Benghazi, after her statement rejecting the aggression on the capital, Tripoli, in 2019.

The Committee s did not refer to the incident of Sirgiwa's disappearance, or the assassination of political activist Hanan Al-Barasi in Benghazi.