The so-called Information and Anti-Terrorism Room of Dignity Operation in Benghazi arrested Ashraf Al-Maghrabi over his posts on Facebook, where he spoke out his thoughts about the current state of affairs in Benghazi, social media activists reported.

The activists added that the a security department vehicle stopped Al-Maghrabi in downtown Benghazi and then led him to Kuwaifiya last week.

He has not been released up until today, they added.

They also said that an official at the internal security department - a close person to Haftar named Salim Al-Furjani, is the one who arrested Al-Maghrabi, whose family contacted the room for details and were told that their son was arrested over his virtual world posts.

Meanwhile, the so-called Information and Anti-Terrorism Room warned social media activists that it is watching them closely as it is fighting anything that can affect the national security and stability.

Over two weeks ago, a radio personality was arrested over his criticism of the eastern military governor Abdelraziq Al-Nathori on his Facebook page.